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Business Banking, contact HomeTown Bank to learn more about how Business Banking can help you!

HomeTown Bank’s Online Business Banking offers a sophisticated set of online tools that can be customized to suit any business of any size. With Business Banking, you have access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with efficient features providing security, control, freedom and flexibility in managing your finances. View your accounts online including all check images. Create a direct deposit ACH payroll for your employees to each of their respective banks. It is even possible to create repetitive ACH debits to other banks to collect your accounts receivables and likewise set up ACH credits for your repetitive accounts payables.

  • Base Business Banking: No Fee
  • ACH Origination:
    – Installation:  $50.00
    – Monthly Fee:  $25.00
    – Per File Transmission:  $2.00

Online Tools include:

  • Activity reporting
  • Internal Account Sweep
  • Balance alerts
  • Account summaries
  • Check imaging
  • Transaction searches
  • Reports
  • ACH origination*
  • Mobile Business Banking

Positive Pay*

HomeTown Bank offers the validation of matching the checks your business has issued against checks being presented to the bank for payment. This online banking product operates (and is an option) within Business Banking. Your office will upload checks when they are issued. If a check is presented for payment that is not on the pre-issued list, an email is sent to your office for approval. It is an excellent tool to combat the ever-growing risk of check fraud.

  • Monthly Fee:  $10.00

Wire Transfers*

HomeTown Bank provides real-time transferring or receiving of funds along with supporting documentation to banks nationally and internationally. Fees do apply.

Merchant Remote Deposit Capture*

The HomeTown Bank Remote Deposit Capture product is a simple and affordable way for your business to make the banking more efficient. It is a fast, easy and secure way to make check deposits into your HomeTown Bank account without leaving your place of business. Our system includes high-speed image scanning equipment and software that runs in your back office. Save trips to the bank and collect your checks faster. From installation to training, HomeTown Bank has the Remote Deposit Capture solution.

  • Installation and Training: $250.00
  • Monthly Fee:  $50.00

Merchant Services

HomeTown Bank has an agreement with Redwood Merchant Services to refer them and provide our customers with a single-source provider of trusted, cost-effective processing services to help expand your customer base, enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

For more information on services and products offered by Redwood Merchant Services or to receive a free account analysis, please speak with a New Account Representative at your branch location and they will establish the referral.

*Fees Apply